International Woodcoin Site

Pentakel Holzgold

International Woodcoin Site for the Heart and from the Heart to fix a Me & Me - Share with Beloved!

In all languages ​​Woodcoins wooden coins also for Woodlands.

Emergency wood money in a socially isolated world is now more than 500 times effective.

We can also use that for firm belief. The characteristics of the wooden coins is:

Peace since 2018 Unified Recognition

The wooden discs are wooden amulets and helped me - they are:
- Unique (secret - some can do something like copying)
- Eternal object if lucky
- Like telephone (secret - sympathy or communication even from a distance "Now Ticino gets that")
- Regional plant - social connection
- Examination - of the counterpart whether the damaging party
- Keepsake - firm in faith for firm stance
- Art - small with a big impact
- Motif - at the choice of the recipient
- Hand flatterer - to calm you down
- present - a souvenir
- Symbols - that connect you firmly with others

I Shared 500 Wood Coins and an Angel said to me - you life Longer for that. What Money can´t buy.

Woodcoins Woodtalents

The Holztaler is now called Freundetalent or Holztalent do it yourself with an engraving stick and wooden discs or hearts for your loved ones - Ebay: & here the Brandkolben = item48d49eb836: g: wcUAAOSw0qFdUmHd
Professional also burns - here you could find a merchandise talent possibly with a star sign i.e. 12 versions on the back of the company head. Own money blog entry - Social gifts to track down social gethos or befriend them with
As a consolation for the rich

The same as with the wooden coin rolls - also works with knitting discs or embroidery doilies. Here from 6 people our items.

TALENTS - WOOD TALENTS - Friends have talents - Wooden discs to show the skills for the network. German
The best flute maker in a valley and the best watchmaker exchange and network.


- What if someone can make something out of what he finds. (Wooden discs)
- What if someone doesn't take anything in return and lets himself be told who he gives it to. 500 wood talents
- What if he gives it as a gift and always leaves it to the other person for sympathy and empathy.

- He's not bribable
- He can choose who to do this to
- He can contribute how it should look like
- The network will grow larger and larger if desired
- Social ghetto can be determined - das verlorene Symbol von Dan Browns Roman Triank Triank

You can even identify "enemies" or who don't mean it well.

A social isolation of society would not be possible.

Die erste Originalseite über Holznotgeld bzw. Holzmünzen and Holztalente ist auf Deutsch.

Imagine a whole world freed from world currency.


The First Money was Staff-Money - the One Part was at the "Bank" the other Part of the Staff (Like Teeth they fitet) - these Woodcoins don´t need a Central or a Bank. The Human himself is the Worth of the Woodcoin - you Share Talent for Talent and let your Heart decide who get´s a Woodcoin.


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